A Little info about me

Hello food lovers,

I'm Ozgur, owner of Sultans Delights, I'm Turkish born and now live in Brighton England. I love preparing food as well as indulging in it, sharing it and talking about it. I learned everything about cooking from my mother Saziye Tuncay who loved cooking and sharing her food with everyone around her, even with strangers!

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I grew up in a culture where vegetables were picked fresh from our garden, meals cooked daily from scratch and shared with endless guests and family. I loved visiting the weekly local Farmers market where everything was so colourful, seasonal, fresh and tasty. We used to go to the near by villages to pick up best home made buffalo milk yoghurt I've ever taste it. I remember our neighbours getting together and drying tomatoes, peppers, courgettes and aubergines, or making pickles and jams from their home grown fruit. A job all us children used to love was collecting firewood for the wood burning stove that had a huge flat pan on top for cooking tons of flat breads. The reward for our efforts was warm bread with butter and honey or molasses.

Sadly I lost my mother in 2009. Soon after I realised I lost all my childhood pleasures with her. Even though I was always keen on cooking I have never dared to cook like Mum. She was incredible when it comes to cooking especially with pastries. I've missed waking up with the smell of her poppy seeds and walnut bread in the morning or stuffing my face with her spinach and scrambled egg flat breads. I miss her!

In 2011 I decided to honour my Mother and my childhood memories and started to cook her recipes. It was a hard mission to bring all the recipes together because she hardly wrote anything down, they were all in her head, no measurements either! I have managed to find some half written scraps papers, asked Aunties, Mum's friends and family and a lot from my own memories of watching and admiring her cooking. I discovered I have the same bug she did, I love the fact she was more happy to share her lovely food with everyone then eating them. I feel exactly the same.

I would like to carry on cooking like my Mum, try to be the perfect host as she always was and share these things with all you food lovers and keep her memory alive.

I hope you all try and love my food.

Thank you,

Ozgur Tuncay Venus